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All of our products are made in Italy, with care and passion. Here you'll find only hand-made, high quality items.
Thanks to this, it's possible to customize most items and give you exactly what you want and can't find elsewhere.

Various models of ears, noses, muzzles, horns etc., for elves, orcs, goblins, demons, etc.


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Fantasy clothes and accessories: dresses, tunics, cloaks, hoods, bags, vambraces, greaves, etc. Most of the clothes are made on commission and often taylored on the client's size: fabrics, colors and decorations may be chosen according to availability.


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Scenic objects, costume accessories, decorations, ornaments, etc.
Like our clothes, these products are mostly OOAK pieces, made on commission.


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To place an order, just email us all the details.
More info in the product pages.


To get the estimate of a commission, email us a detailed description of what you want us to do.


We ship worldwide, via post or courier.


Our products aren't toys, they're not suitable for children and if they're to be used by kids, this should happen under an adult's supervision.