Medieval-fantasy dress with laced sleeves

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Indicative price*: 490 € (materials and VAT not included)
Code: VEDAFA04

* Please note that since January 2010 there are new rules about Value Added Tax (VAT) in the European Union: final prices will include VAT (20%) for European Private Customers, whereas they're free from VAT for European businesses, and for private customers and businesses out of Europe.

Description: this dress is made to fit every body, being cut on the bias, and is laced on the back with a long ribbon; the neckband (included) complies with the bateau neckline; a fine trimming marks the passage from the bust to the gown and decorates the end of the gown. The wide bell-shaped sleeves are made of white satin, and laced with a ribbon made of the same fabric and trimming of the dress body.

Variations: every cloth we make is a unique piece, completely hand-crafted according to the client's request and the availability of fabrics, colors and decorations.
Thus, if you'd like any variations, just say it!

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