Dreamcatcher with jade-green feathers

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Indicative price*: 25 € (VAT not included)
Code: OGORAS01

* Please note that since January 2010 there are new rules about Value Added Tax (VAT) in the European Union: final prices will include VAT (22%) for European Private Customers, whereas they're free from VAT for European businesses, and for private customers and businesses out of Europe.

Description: according to the legend, dreamcatchers are magical webs that hold back the evil spirits, letting the good ones free to pass through; thus they're often hung near beds, thus the good spirits will bring the best dreams.
This dreamcatcher (diameter 17,5cm - amost 7'') is made with a metal wire coated with leather stripes; the net is made of cotton thread and the beads are made of colored wood.

Commissions: it's possible to commission dreamcatchers in different sizes and colors; contact us in order to know the availability of different feathers and beads.
An estimate is always given, free and with no obligation, before starting the work.

Warnings: this product isn't a toy and isn't suitable for little children. The use of these products by children should occur under adult supervision.

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