Celtic seed pendant

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Price*: 75€ (VAT not included)
Code: OGBIPE02
Availability: 1 OOAK piece

* Please note that since January 2010 there are new rules about Value Added Tax (VAT) in the European Union: final prices will include VAT (20%) for European Private Customers, whereas they're free from VAT for European businesses, and for private customers and businesses out of Europe.

Description: hand shaped and carved fantasy-celtic pendant, painted with acrylics (black, bronze, gold). Finished with a protective transparent satin varnish. It measures 2.75x1.18'' (7x3,5cm); the pendant is provided with a black waxed-cotton string-necklace.

Commissions: we're available for similar commissions.
All commissioned items of this kind are based on the client's requests: techniques and materials are decided together, depending on the aimed result, the time schedule, the available budget, etc. and an estimate is always given, free and with no obligation, before starting the work.

Warnings: this product isn't a toy and isn't suitable for little children. The use of these products by children should occur under adult supervision.

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